Here is your Christmas Schedule!
How about an Opera on New Years Eve that starts at 8PM, A Christmas horror story.

Dear Parishioner of the Church of St. Mary,

Merry Christmas 2021.

No one has ever seen God.
The only Son, God, who is at the Father’s side,
has revealed him..  John 1:18

  • Friday December 24, 2021 4:30 Misa Español  10PM Misa Bilingūe
  • Saturday December 25th, 2021 8:30AM English and 11AM Misa Español
  • Friday December 31, 2021 Gawain, Opera in two acts.  8PM Grand Hall.  Formal.  BUY TICKETS HERE $60.

A Musical Passion Play, a Medieval Opera, a Christmas Legend

Composed by Doug Balliett and starring Karim Sulayman, Molly Netter, Taylor Ward, Jesse Blumberg, and ACRONYM

The New Yorker wrote:
It’s the most wonderful time of the year for tales of Yuletide horror, chivalry, and knightly adventure. With words and music by the composer and poet Doug Balliett, the ghoulish legend of Gawain and the Green Knight comes to life as a passion play presented by ACRONYM, one of New York’s foremost Baroque ensembles. The Grammy Award-winning tenor Karim Sulayman takes the role of Gawain, with other leading vocalists from the city rounding out the cast. In an atmosphere of medieval pageantry, attendees will be transported to the Arthurian court of Camelot; sheet music will be shared with the audience for participation in the choral sequences, and, to warm spirits, snacks and champagne will be served.

December 31, 8 PM
St. Mary’s Church
440 Grand St, New York, NY 10002

Tickets can be bought here

For more information, please call Father Andrew O’Connor at 917 359 9880 or write him at:
Gawain Press Kit   Gawain Poster

In five years the Church of St. Mary will celebrate its bicentennial.  A fire set by members of the “Know-Nothing” party sought to end the church at its beginning; it was barely five years old when the two arsonists broke in on Guy Fawkes night, November 5th.  Fr. Luke Berry, the second pastor, ran to ring the bell.  It made no sound because it had been silenced with rags.  The bell survived.  So did the safe.  Fr. Berry died on December 12 over a month after the fire and is buried at Old St. Patricks.  Mayor Allen (Allen Street is named after him) offered to sell “Mount Pitt” to the devastated community, the highest point on Grand Street, New York’s most prominent street at the time.  The parishioners gathered a little over $2000 to purchase the land and more to build a new church.  The church opened in a mere 17 months with a pontifical high mass on June 9th, 1833.

After the Civil War St. Mary’s expanded with a new façade and an extended church.  25 thousand parishioners came on average each Sunday in 1878.  Two years later a library was added to the rectory.  Draft riots, orphans, immigrants.  In 1904 the first immigrant through Ellis Island became a parishioner at St. Mary and spearheaded a new cupola. Her name was Annie Moore.  In the 1950’s a wave of Puerto Rican citizens came to the parish in great numbers.  During the 1960’s a campaign to build housing created the Grand Street Guild.  Land left vacant after the tenements were torn down was at last allowed to develop in 2013 and 12 new buildings with many of our parishioners gaining access as “site tenants” are now happy residents.

Hurricane Sandy forced us to put on a new roof.  We chose to make it a copper roof.  It will need to last a long time because St. Mary will “magnify the Lord.”  A new heating system has been put in the church after a year and a half without heat..  New doors follow the proportions of the original 1871 doors and beckon our parishioners and new visitors.  We are trying to raise funds to repair our cupola to restore our stain glass windows and paint the ceiling of the church.  We have a scholastic program for our youth.  One young man earned a spot at the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton last year.  We would like to start art and music programs and fortify our aid to the elderly who care for minors.


In Christ,

Rev. Andrew More O’Connor



Ceiling Art

Let us practice looking up into the heavens.
Geometry proposes that whether close, middle or far
all angles sigh infinite sighs. You are standing beneath
and are determined by the heaven sent that changes but does not change: light and water. If neither water splashed, beaded, foamed
nor light reflected, refracted nor shone over any rock, pebble or bone
has altered for any observable fragment of eternity
can movement itself differ in its furthest remove
from this earth?

A hardanger fiddle plays and sounds at the same time
and a theorbo grounds

its notes in bass and degree.
Looking down you can look up,
The “not-‘there” is imagined and set
free from seeking to gazing
and even beholding.

She appeared when Juan Diego
let the roses fall at the Bishop’s feet.

He saw first the reaction of the Bishop.
He has to look down and saw her head first.

What did it feel like to wear that tilda?
Heaven did this. She is pregnant.

Or am I?

Feast of St. Nicholas
December 6, 2021
Performed December 12, 2021 St. Mary Church noon mass. Gaudete Sunday Music