Coming to church is how you speak to the world and listen to the world. If you wish to highlight concerns in Tibet or Guatemala, you cannot go to those places each week, but you can go to a “catholic” (a name which means universal) church. St. Mary’s is on Grand in a neighborhood of Manhattan that is still a neighborhood. Come and discover the world lurking at your feet. All are welcome here and all demographics are emphatically present.

COME HERE to worship, advocate, learn, make friendships. Our church is open each day from 8:30 to NOON. We have bees on the roof of the rectory and are rooted in the history of New York City.

Our Story

Having the unit-Catholic “Know Nothing” party burn down our church in 1831 on Sheriff Street “100 feet north of Broome Street” helped give birth to a new church on Grand Street.  Saint Mary Grand signifies that it is the first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Archdiocese of New York as much as it identifies us as on Grand Street, a street in colonial times was the road to Crown Point; ferry service to Brooklyn and that from Hoboken were linked by what became Grand Street.  Our church purchased the present site, the highest elevation in Lower Manhattan, from the former mayor of New York, Mayor Allen.  Our story is still unfolding as a grand story…

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Our Staff

St. Mary’s has been blessed with a diverse and capable staff serving a multi-ethnic congregation in Lower Manhattan.  Fr. Andrew O’Connor was made administrator of St. Mary’s August 1, 2013 and elevated to pastor April 2017. He succeeded Msgr. Neil Connolly who, by coincidence, was his first pastor here at St. Mary’s when he was first ordained in 1996.  Msgr. Connolly had been pastor from 1984.  Fr. O’Connor is a sculptor and visual artist. He completed the Varela Mandorla in 2014, The Gentle Rain of Mercy in 2016, and completed Lux Mundi the doors of the church 2021.

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